14/05/2013 in English Lunch, Eventos

15 May :: EnglishLunch – Life Through Googles Eyes

Life through google eyes

Life through google eyesAt this weeks English Lunch we will be discussing a number of topics, or themes…but the first of them relates to this short video «Life Through Googles Eyes». When we search on google, after about three letters google begins to ‘suggest’ searches for us. In the past we’ve chatted about AI, and the dissemination of our personal information. But as the google search bar comes to, and eventually goes past your own age how do you feel? Can you relate to the searches of others? Do you have the same questions or concerns? Alternatively, before tomorrows lunch try putting your own age into google and see what comes up! We’ll have a more robust chat tomorrow, about this an a myriad of other topics!

Until then.