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5 Feb :: English Lunch – Remember to say thank you

Thank you

This week, at the begining of English Lunch (every Wednesday from 14:30 to 15:30), we will watch the video: «Remember to say thank you» with Laura Trice. We encourage you to watch it before wednesday lunch!

Watch the video…


In this deceptively simple 3-minute talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses on the power of the magic words «thank you» — to deepen a friendship, to repair a bond, to make sure another person knows what they mean to you. Try it.

Laura Trice is a counselor, life coach — and purveyor of wholesome junk food.


Praise, admiration, shy, embarrassed, rehab, core wound, breadwinner, chores, inner circle, neglect, backyard.


Idioms: A bit much / A fresh pair of eyes / A little bird told me / A lot on my plate /A penny for your thoughts.


[message type="simple" bg_color="#EEEEEE" color="#333333"]ENGLISH LUNCH – «Remember to say thank you»

When? Wednesday, February 5, 2014
At what time? 14:30 – 15:30
Available Places: 8 per day
How much it cost? Single: 10€/class – Bonus 4: 30€/4 classes – Bonus 8: 60€/8 classes (you spend the bonus only if you come)
WeKCo, Avda. Novo Mesoiro, 2, bajo. 15190 – A Coruña

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Localización y contacto


Avda Novo Mesoiro, 2 bajo
15190 – A Coruña
+34 881 964 801

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