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27 Nov :: EnglishLunch – 3 rules to spark learning

TED Talks Education

This week, at the begining  of English Lunch (every Wednesday from 14:30 to 15:30), we will watch the video: «3 rules to spark learning» with Ramsey Musallam. We encourage you to watch it before wednesday lunch!

Watch the video…




It took a life-threatening condition to jolt chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam out of ten years of “pseudo-teaching” to understand the true role of the educator: to cultivate curiosity. In a fun and personal talk, Musallam gives 3 rules to spark imagination and learning, and get students excited about how the world works.

As a high school chemistry teacher, Ramsey Musallam expands curiosity in the classroom through multimedia and new technology.


nodding, magnets, draw us towards, tailor, guts, lingo jargon mumbo jumbo, curiosity, hard question, embraced, trial and error, reflection, gathered the information, to design, revise.


Idioms: Break a leg / Call it a day / Have a blast / Hit the road / Under the weather

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