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04 Dic :: EnglishLunch – Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

Civilization starter kit

This week, at the begining  of English Lunch (every Wednesday from 14:30 to 15:30), we will watch the video: «Open-sourced blueprints for civilization» with Marcin Jakubowski. We encourage you to watch it before wednesday lunch!

Watch the video…


Open-sourced blueprints


Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that’s only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village (starting cost: $10,000).

Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing a set of blueprints for 50 farming tools that can be built cheaply from scratch. Call it a «civilization starter kit.»


Village, farming, sustainable, settlement, lifetime, obsolescence, hardware, repository, bricks, supply chains, scarcity.


Idioms: A drop in the ocean / At a loose end / Cant´s see the wood for the trees / Come up trumps / Go down a treat



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